July 13, 2018 in What is Tube Hydroforming?

Automotive Industry: What Is Tube Hydroforming?

Tube Hydroforming

When the right circumstances present themselves, hydroforming can be a cost-effective and reliable resource in your manufacturing process. Tube hydroforming will generally produce structural components that will be more reliable and stronger than they would be if you used one of the conventional methods. 

When engineers and others in the manufacturing and industrial industry consider how structural parts are manufactured, they will think about a variety of options, including tube hydroforming. Over ten years ago, hydroforming was seen as one of the new techniques what was used to make multiple parts for various purposes.

Hydroforming is a technique that uses fluid to form a part or aid in the process of forming a part from a flexible metal. Tube hydroforming has become one of the more common types of hydroforming. Hydroforming changes the tube’s shape from the normal shape to a shape that can be matched to the part’s length. When hydroforming is used, the process creates a tube that will be more precise and elaborate than they were two decades ago.

Tube Hydroforming

It has been widely accepted that tubes are able to provide more support that is efficient and stronger than that of sheet metal. Many designers and engineers have discovered the areas that are better suited for tube hydroforming, and there have been new developments and capabilities created on a continuous basis. The benefits of using tube hydroforming continue to increase.

In addition to providing greater support, greater productivity, and an increased efficiency, hydroforming also does the following:

  • reduces weight
  • reduces capital costs
  • reduces the number of parts that are needed
  • increases structural strength
  • improves performance characteristics
  • increases and improves various aspects of flexibility
  • improves the overall quality of the parts

Hydroforming has been widely accepted by engineers, designers, manufacturers, etc. Tube hydroforming has become a common process in the automotive industry. We know that determining when to use hydroforming can be a complicated task, but when the circumstances are right, using tube hydroforming can certainly give your business the competitive edge it has been searching for.

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