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Benefits Hydroformed Components in Automobiles

Hydroformed Structural Strength
Hydroformed Structural Strength

If you own and operate a business that focuses on creating customized motor vehicles, you may want to consider learning more about hydroformed components. They are traditionally made in two ways. One method is referred to as tube hydroforming. The other method is called sheet hydroforming. Both of which are ideal for use in body work, automotive design and engine rebuilds. Here’s why:

Structural Integrity

For starters, hydroformed components are seamless and corrosion resistant. As such, they have a greater structural integrity than those that feature welded seams. That makes them perfect for use in areas that are likely to be damaged in an impact situation (i.e. roof, bumpers and side panels). They also work well in areas that are apt to be exposed to other stressors like prolonged friction, high heat and the elements (i.e. exhaust components and engine cradles).

Reduced Costs

Another benefit to using hydroformed components in your automotive business is the cost. The components tend to require less capital to produce and have a long life span. Their reduced mass also makes them cheaper to transport and store. Because of that, you may find yourself enjoying higher profit margins than originally expected.

Highly Customizable

In addition to structural integrity and reduced costs, the hydroform process also makes it extremely easy to transform stainless steel into the exact shape that your staff needs. Thus, you can use it to quickly create a highly customized, aerodynamic vehicle for your end consumers. You can also use it to reproduce discontinued or hard to find parts for those seeking to restore a classic.

Interested in learning more about how hydroformed components can benefit your automotive business? Contact American Hydroformers today by calling 1-260-428-2660 or stop by our website. We would be more than delighted to promptly answer all of your questions.

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