American Hydroformers in-house tube bending equipment and capabilities support our hydroforming operations. If a finished part contains bends that deviate from a straight line, tube bending is often required. This, along with the pre-crush stage of production, ensures the tube will fit properly into the hydroforming die. Additionally the tube bending process thins the outer radius wall and thickens the inner wall. Our team of designers and engineers utilize FEA simulations to accurately predict the thinning and stress per different material usage. Current bending operation allows for bending of up to a 5” OD tube with a .100” steel wall thickness. Our electric and CNC controlled rotary draw benders are capable of multi-stack tooling, allowing different radius bends on the same part. These benders can use a mandrel when required to maintain roundness and minimize thinning on the outer diameter portion of the bend.

Herber Electric Tube Bender

By employing a streamlined electric tube bending system, American Hydroformers has the ability to bend some of the most complex shapes as well as form parts that require extremely tight radii. Featuring impressive boost and torque specifications, our Herber Electric Tube Bender provides real time diagnostics, simplified calibration, and a fully programmable tool stack height. American Hydroformers electric tube bending process will not only provide increases in accuracy and precision, but will also help reduce overall production costs.

Herber 2100 S

  • Maximum Tube Diameter: 110 x 1.5mm
  • MR Bending Radii Min./Max.: 30/350mm
  • Radius Difference: 150mm
  • Bending Speed/Repeatability: 140º/s. ±0,05°
  • Degree of Tolerance: 0,1°/mm
Herber Bender

Schwarz-Robitec Hydraulic Tube Benders

American Hydroformers’ also utilizes two CNC controlled hydraulic tube benders in the initial stages of the tube hydroforming process. A raw tube made of malleable metal, such as steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or brass is placed in the tube bender and bent per client and job specifications. Both of our Schwarz-Robitec tube benders have the capabilities to bend up to 5” OD tubing with a .100” steel wall thickness.

Schwarz-Robitec CNC 130

  • Maximum Tube Diameter (Steel): 130 x 3.0mm
  • Maximum Tube Diameter (Stainless Steel): 120 x 2.0mm
  • Minimum Tube Diameter: 44mm
  • MR Bending Radii Min./Max.: 50/350mm
  • Tube Length: 3000mm

Schwarz-Robitec CNC 100

  • Maximum Tube Diameter (Steel): 100 x 2.5mm
  • Minimum Tube Diameter: 25mm
  • MR Bending Radii Min./Max.: 50/350 mm + 50mm
  • Tube Length: 3000mm
Schwarze Bender