June 26, 2018 in Hydroforming Industry

The Curious Case of the Tesla Model 3


Tesla cars have been around for a while now, and successive models have been called everything from an “all-electric dream car” to an “eco-friendly gift to the motoring masses.” Of course, press for Tesla hasn’t been exclusively glowing: there have also been reports of car fires, which technically are a type of “glowing” report, but not the type anyone would want. 

Electric carmaker Tesla has seen a number of its vehicles catch fire in the past five years. The latest fire involves a 2014 Tesla Model S immediately igniting after a high-speed crash…The NTSB is investigating the battery fire in that crash, and first responders’ ability to fight it (AutoBlog).

And that’s not all. There’s also been talk of overblown promises and skimpy manufacturing. So as you can see, opinions regarding Tesla are in a constant state of flux.


Here at American Hydroformers, we pay attention to such stories for a few reasons. First, we like to keep abreast of what’s going on in the greater automotive industry. Since so many auto producers avail themselves of current hydroforming techniques, we like to keep current so that we can most effectively meet needs. Second, we recognize that the future of the auto industry is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and possibly even exclusively electric. With the demand for lightweight solutions continuing to rise, those in the hydroforming industry are perfectly positioned to make a difference. With our capabilities, we can produce more lightweight chassis and other key components.

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