June 1, 2021 in Hydroformed Components, Metal Fabrication

Hydroforming: A Cost-Effective Method To Shape Solids


In today’s business world, characterized by various cost-cutting measures and rising competition, it can be extremely difficult to explain purchasing new manufacturing equipment. It can especially be hard to explain purchasing equipment for hydroforming purposes. Any cost that is associated with equipment used to produce hydroformed components can be restrictive, especially when there is a need to purchase extra tooling and supplies.

However, this does not mean it will be impossible for a company with few resources to begin a hydroforming operation. One of the first steps you can take is to explore every additional option you may have as it relates to equipment, and develop a number of strategies that will allow you to control costs.

Cost-Effective Hydroforming

Hydroforming is a metal fabrication process that is used for stainless steel, carbon, copper, aluminum, and other alloys that are high in strength. The process is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective metal forming technique that is used to produce strong parts and components that are needed in various industries.


There are several components that are required for hydroforming to be a success, but the three essential pieces are a hydroforming tool, a hydraulic press, and hydroforming fluid. A hydraulic press and the hydraulic fluid system can be purchase separately or as one comprehensive unit. One of the best things that a company can do is to find a company that provides metal fabricating solutions that fit their needs. 

A fabricator that specializes in hydraulic press work, hydroforming, laser cutting, engineering, and more will allow you to maximize your hydroforming applications. The fabricator can also make recommendations in reference to your equipment so you can reduce the amount of money you planned to invest in your equipment. 

American Hydroformers

If you have been looking for a way to shape metals into solids that are structurally sound, please do not hesitate to contact American Hydroformers today.

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