July 5, 2018 in What is Sheet Hydroforming, What is Tube Hydroforming?

What Is Hydroforming: Sheet Metal Hydroforming

Sheet Metal

Metal hydroforming is not anything new, but it does offer an appropriate alternative that some manufacturers may not be considering. If your organization or company does not currently own any hydroforming equipment or operate any hydroforming equipment, how do you make the decision on whether hydroforming can be the appropriate method for your upcoming sheet metal project? 

Creating Complex Shapes

Many companies that own and operate hydroforming equipment will also operate their own hydroforming press. Sheet hydroforming will often allow companies to create 3D shapes that are deeper, complex, and sharper. These shapes can be formed more successfully when compared to the traditional stamping method. Parts that were once stamped in multiple stages can be sheet hydroformed in only one stage.

Reducing Material Thickness And Development Costs

Another benefit of hydroforming is the reduction in the material thickness. If a sheet metal has been stamped, it will generally be thicker and more expensive than a part that has been hydroformed. During the early stage of a sheet metal product, you will need to make changes to the design and the tooling.

However, these changes can be extremely time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive if you are using the traditional stamped metal process. When you use the hydroforming method, you will be able to significantly reduce the costs of product development.

Sheet Metal

Increase Efficiency

If you have sheet metal products that are not high volume in nature, these products will be better suited for hydroforming. The tooling changes that need to be made will become simpler and the changes will be minimal. You will not have to worry about making any changes to upper tooling because each product will be a single lower tool.

American Hydroformers specializes in metal fabricating solutions using various hydroforming processes. If you want to learn more about how our processes can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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