Whether your own hydroforming lines are over capacity or you are in the post production stage of manufacturing, American Hydroformers can help. Currently our hydroforming lines are setup with capacity of 5000, 4000, and 1800 ton presses with a maximum die size of 120”x245”. Additionally, American Hydroformers employs 4 independent; 5-axis automated laser cells, electric & hydraulic tube bending, multiple welding techniques, and CNC machine work. By utilizing this additional manufacturing equipment, we are able to provide full assembly and fulfillment services. Our universal die holder has the ability to accommodate nearly any size of hydroforming die. This allows for a seamless transition from your production lines to ours. With 4 independent, automated presses, our hydroforming lines offer the flexibility needed for post production runs as well as on demand service parts. Contact one of our sales representatives for more information regarding our post production services.

Post Production Capabilities

  • 5000, 4000, & 1800 Ton Hydroforming Presses
  • 4 independent, 5-axis, automated laser cells
  • Electric & Hydraulic Tube Bending
  • MIG, TIG, & ARC Welding
  • CNC Part Machining
  • Full Assembly