Here at American Hydroformers, we are continuously focused on improved production quality and product innovation.  Our company follows a strict and rigorous quality assurance and control system designed to prevent substandard or defective parts from leaving our facilities. Each phase and all aspects of our manufacturing process are produced in a controlled and traceable environment. To ensure that materials, production, and finished parts meet industry standards and client expectations, we employ quality assurance and quality control safeguards. By utilizing both a quality assurance and a quality control system, American Hydroformers customers can be confident they are receiving the highest quality products possible.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

American Hydroformers Quality Assurance System is based upon ISO 9001: 2008 quality procedures. Our quality assurance program is intended to create a more efficient and effective production system, while also reducing waste and increasing our production capabilities. We are continually making efforts to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our production system and company as a whole. Each employee at American Hydroformers is regularly trained on these procedures as well as the importance of superior quality. The practices we utilize are supported by all employees including management, production, sales, purchasing, and engineering. We regularly perform quality assurance audits and reviews on our entire system as well as individual components of our manufacturing process. Our quality assurance system and procedures include the procurement and management of our raw materials including any secondary components related to production. During the assembly portion of production, our quality assurance personnel and certified inspectors perform additional sampling of each part and component.  For more information regarding our Quality Assurance Program, contact American Hydroformers Quality Assurance Manager, Greg Rosenfeld at (260) 428-2653.

Quality Control

In addition to our quality assurance system, American Hydroformers also uses multiple quality control measures to ensure all parts meet internal qualifications as well as industry standards. We thoroughly examine and evaluate finished parts as well as those still in the manufacturing and development stages of production. We perform FEA simulations, failure testing, stress testing, and check fixture testing throughout the entire production process. Furthermore, our testing and simulation divisions will ensure engineering and design integrity before production begins, guaranteeing part feasibility as well as providing maximum strength and minimal weight. With our verification and evaluation procedures, American Hydroformers provides additional assurance that our manufacturing process will produce only the highest quality products

Greg Rosenfeld

Greg Rosenfeld Quality Assurance Manager at American Hydroformers

Beginning in 2005, Greg Rosenfeld initiated the creation and development of the Quality Assurance System used at American Hydroformers. With over 21 years of quality assurance experience, Mr. Rosenfeld has extensive knowledge and understanding regarding the intricacies of a properly functioning quality control and review system. In addition to our Quality Assurance System, Mr. Rosenfeld also helped gain our ISO 9001:2008 rating.

Greg Rosenfeld Quality Assurance Manager
(260) 428-2653