American Hydroformers provides production assurance in the form of multiple capabilities, equipment redundancy, customer satisfaction analysis, and an extensive maintenance, repair, and operations program. We provide our customers with a single point of responsibility for part production, welding, assembly, and fabrication. With all equipment and production preformed in house, including all die work, American Hydroformers can significantly reduce production time and cost. Our triple redundancy system has allowed us to establish a failsafe contingency plan for on time tube hydroformed manufacturing.  By utilizing multiple hydroforming presses, tube benders, lasers, and CNC machines, we are able to provide production redundancy in the event of equipment malfunction or breakdown. This ensures that production will always continue, regardless of equipment failure.

Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO)

American Hydroformers is committed to meeting customer requirements by continually inspecting and improving both our production equipment and manufacturing facilities. Our maintenance, repair, and operations program is intended to verify that all critical components are functioning in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We perform operational and corrective maintenance as needed as well as scheduled preventative maintenance on all of our Hydroforming, Tube Bending, Laser, and CNC Equipment. In addition to equipment repairs and maintenance, we also regularly audit our manufacturing plant including all laboratories, workshops, and warehouses, to identify any deficiencies or vulnerabilities. All strategies and goals of our maintenance, repair, and operations program are supported by technical, administrative, and managerial positions within the company.

Maintenance, Repair and Operation Software (MRO)

American Hydroformers employs Maintenance Connection MRO software on all of our hydroforming equipment, tube benders, lasers, and CNC machines. This software is a valuable tool that allows our engineers and technicians access to real time diagnostics and performance analysis. Additionally, our MRO software provides recommended updates and preventative maintenance suggestions further increasing our production systems’ reliability and efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

At American Hydroforming, our goal is on the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction as well as meeting and exceeding any customer needs. Our management team ensures that customer requirements are determined including statutory and regulatory requirements to enhance customer satisfaction. We determine customer satisfaction by the analysis of American Hydroformers supplied customer surveys. These surveys seek to gain insight into any inconsistency or deficiencies in our ordering and manufacturing processes. We determine any customer dissatisfaction by the analysis of the surveys along with customer returns, P.P.M levels, and general complaints. This data is constantly analyzed in order to identify and find opportunities for improvement.