As a part of our quality control system, American Hydroformers utilizes multiple check and probe fixtures to ensure part quality and precision. By physically probing and checking the various holes, weldments, or laser cuts for accuracy, we have the ability to determine the effectiveness of a part while ensuring client specifications are met. With a wide range of adjustability, we are able to customize our check stations to fit virtually any part as well as check practicality any type of laser cut or hole.


All of our check and probe fixtures are designed for repeatability and reliability while providing accurate results. In addition to our standard check and probe fixtures, we also offer multiple point simulations simultaneously through our automated fixtures. American Hydroformers provides assembly and checking fixtures for our tube hydroformed components, assemblies, and fixtures for all metal and plastic parts.

  • Check Fixtures
  • Probe Fixtures
  • Multi Point Data Collection and Verification
  • Feeler & Strain Gauges
  • Mating Part Simulation
  • Automated Fixtures
  • Plug & Pin Gauges
  • Location Pins