August 22, 2019 in Hydroforming Industry

Changes in Product Requests Do Not Always Escalate Prices


If you wanted a certain part that had intricate geometric shapes in it and you did not want tool marks or welds, you would want that part to be created through hydroforming. You do all your research and decide on the metal and thickness for the shape and we make a prototype for you. Unfortunately, even though the shape is perfect, you decide a different metal and thickness will be better. What happens next?

We do not have to create a new die since the shape is what you want. All we have to do is change the pressure, if needed, for the new metal. We also need to adjust the pressure to create a different thickness. Less pressure means we can have the shape thicker, and more pressure means we can make your shape thinner. So, with hydroforming, you do not have the cost of creating a new die, just the minimal cost of adjusting the pressure. So, hydroforming not only saves you costs with all production of your shape, but it also saves you money with the redesign.

Product Requests and Prices

How is this possible? Hydroforming uses a created die to take sheet metal and make a shape. It can be very simple, or very intricate. The sheet of metal is placed into the die and pressurized liquid forces the metal into the die, creating the shape. With more pressure, the metal can be stretched thinner. So, as long as the shape does not change, the pressure can be changed to match different metals and create different thicknesses. This saves you money when the prototype is not exactly as you wanted.


When you consider that some say hydroforming saves you almost 70% of initial costs over traditional use of die presses to create a shape, then add the savings of not creating a new die, any business will love the savings. If you would like to learn more about the process or prices, pleaseĀ contact us.

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