October 30, 2019 in Hydroforming Industry

Create Lightweight Parts With Tubular Hydroforming

Tubular Hydroforming

Over the years, tubular hydroforming has been used in a variety of industries, including the appliance industry and the automotive industry. Tubular hydroforming has grown to be an increasingly popular method that is used to create parts that are made from aluminum. Manufacturers in the automotive and appliance industries are using the tubular hydroforming process to create parts that are lightweight, yet not lacking when it comes to strength. Tubular hydroforming is also used so new parts can be created after exploring the boundaries and thinking outside the box.

Using hydroforming will allow those in the industries to convert a variety of components into hydroformed parts that are durable, light in weight, strong, etc. When the hydroforming process is used effectively, even the most complex parts can be created with ease. The parts that are created will have an appealing look without sacrificing the durability or strength of the parts. It will be difficult to create these types of parts and components using the same methods you may have used in the past, especially when you look at the financial aspect of the processes and compare them. 

Tubular Hydroforming

Tubular hydroforming has more benefits than being able to create parts that are light in weight and durable. Some of the additional benefits of this type of hydroforming include the following:

  • Great flexibility when it comes to the engineering and design aspect
  • There will be a greater amount of strength in these parts when compared to parts that are created using a different process
  • High-quality finish
  • There will not be a need to use a significant amount of parts, and this can reduce waste
Tubular Hydroforming

As mentioned earlier, tubular hydroforming is used in various industries to create parts and components on items that are used daily, such as the following:

  • Chairs and tables
  • Sporting equipment
  • Parts in automotive vehicles
  • Home appliances

The hydroforming process can be used to compress more than one part into one durable, flexible, and sturdy hydroformed part. Would you like more information on hydroforming? Please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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