April 26, 2017 in Hydroforming Industry

Say Hello to the Midwest Hydroforming Masters: American Hydroformers

american hydroformers

Many people think of the Midwest as the American Heartland. They assume that everyone here is corn-fed, home-grown, and hearty. Honestly, if this is your opinion, we don’t hold it against you. History and topography are both on your side.

The area is known for its plains, which are long stretches of grasslands…[and] The climate and terrain of the Midwest are perfect for cultivating crops. The Midwest is commonly called the “Breadbasket of America” (Food in Every County).

While it is true that the Midwest does make up the majority of America’s farming industry, we are not all farmers; and while we do have Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska–all of which are known for corn and wheat–we also have Chicago and Detroit, cities known for industry and innovation.

American Hydroformers

The Midwest also boasts a healthy hydroforming industry, and we here at American Hydroformers are proud to stand at the heart of the trend. Easily accessible via major Midwest highways, American Hydroformers lies in the center of the American heartland. We are the Midwest hydroforming masters, and we’re proud of the way in which our services support other industries.

We respect our nation’s farmers, and we know that their work isn’t done in a vacuum. After all, in order for their farms to thrive, they must avail themselves of modern machinery and farming technology–machinery and technology often made possible through advanced hydroforming techniques.

American Hydroformers

Whether you are a Midwest farmer, a Detroit automaker, or someone developing a new product a bit further afield, we look forward to supporting you in your endeavor.

Here at American Hydroformers, we not only produce hydroformed components, but we also offer complete assembly level fabrication of automotive structures, industrial laser cutting, and stencil work, as well as tube forming. For more information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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