November 25, 2020 in What is Tube Hydroforming?

What Is Hydroforming

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The way of shaping various metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other metals into weighted pieces that are durable and solid is known as hydroforming. Generally, hydroforming is used in the automotive industry and the aerospace industry because these industries are known for their complex shapes. The automotive and aerospace industries also need parts and components that are solid, durable, and light.

One of the keys to producing low volume production at the highest quality is to use the best technology that will allow your manufacturing process to be streamlined. When you have the right technology, you will be able to eliminate as much manual labor as possible, in addition to eliminating the use of some tools. 

When using the hydroforming process, the right technology will allow you to increase your production capacities, while also reducing the need for manual labor by an incredible percentage. The hydroforming technique allows a sheet metal blank to be formed by using a rubber diaphragm. The press design that will be used in your manufacturing process will allow high pressure to be formed.

When using the hydroforming process, production of a variety of parts can be created in the same operation. If using flex form technology, the technology will generally be used for producing parts in a low volume, but with a long list of parts and components. High presses that are used in the manufacturing processes have been designed with high-quality technology that will allow it to be used for a significant period of time. 

High pressure hydroforming press systems have proven to be more efficient and versatile for even the most complex components and parts. American Hydroformers has the experience and technology to provide the best overall experience to reduce tooling costs, cutting costs, and production time when you need to form sheet metal.

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