July 30, 2018 in Hydroforming Industry, Prototype

American Hydroformers: Getting The Product You Want With Hydroforming


When it comes to hydroforming, many people may think that it is all about making large parts and expensive parts that can be customized and specialized for applications such as automobiles, jet engines, and other parts that may be exotic. However, it would be a major mistake to ignore hydroforming when you are responsible for producing small parts. Many of the hydroforming benefits and advantages are geared towards the production of small parts and items.

When you are producing small parts, it will be vital for you to keep your per-unit costs under control. Keeping these costs under control during the production of small parts is generally more essential than it is with the larger parts. The productivity, efficiency, and financial savings are necessary parts of the hydroforming process that will allow you to keep your expenses under control.

When using deep-draw stamping, you will experience metal-to-metal contact, but when you use the hydroforming process, your finished metal arts will not have any blemishes because of the use of a forming chamber instead of metal female die.


Since hydroforming will only require one die, you will see a reduction in your tooling expenses. The amount of time to set up the process will be a quick and non-complex process, and since the hydroforming process is only one step, you will see a major increase in production time. These are all benefits of hydroforming that will contribute to keeping all of your costs under control.

In order for you to keep the production costs low and eliminate any type of inefficiencies, American Hydroformers can provide small parts that are suitable for your needs, but you can also take advantage of the partnerships and collaborations that have been developed over the years. Your full production process can be handled by American Hydroformers and you will receive the product you need in an efficient manner.

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