April 24, 2020 in CAFE Standards

CAFE Standard: Superheroes Aren’t the Only Beneficiaries

CAFE Standard
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CAFE Standard: Superheroes Aren’t the Only Beneficiaries. From time to time, news stories will flood the channels of humans performing remarkable feats of strength. These amazing displays generally take place when someone sees a loved one’s life put in danger. With what’s clinically called “hysterical strength,” people have even been known to lift cars.

Take, for example, two English women who helped lift a car from atop a small boy:

Two mothers have been dubbed ‘Superwomen’ after saving a schoolboy’s life by lifting a 1.1-ton car off his body. Donna McNamee and Abigail Sicolo sprang into action when the eight-year-old boy was run over outside their homes (Daily Mail).

Although hysterical strength has its nay-sayers, we can all agree that a lighter car frame could make feats of extreme human power harder and harder to deny. The lighter the car, the more likely a mom will be able to lift it from a trapped child. 

Of course, that is not the only benefit of reducing the weight of automobiles. With lighter frames and bodies, vehicles consume less energy and lighten wear-and-tear on their own tires, not to mention roads, bridges, and highways.

CAFE Standard

That’s why we are excited about the current trends in CAFE standards. After all, when fuel economy is increasing, everyone’s costs come down. 

Here at American Hydroformers, our work makes it possible for the automotive industry to receive the hydroformed parts necessary to meet the current CAFE standards. Situated as we are in the Midwest, we are perfectly positioned to assist the automotive industry as it moves forward toward a brighter and more efficient future.

Not only that: we’re proud to do so.

If you have questions about what a CAFE Standard is or comments about this subject, or if you would like to hear more about our services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

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