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Hydroformed Exhaust Components

5" Diesel Exhaust Tubing
5" Diesel Exhaust Tubing

When it comes to heavy truck and construction vehicle design, space is often at a premium and rugged components are an absolute requirement. Hydroformed exhaust components from American Hydroformers, Inc. (AHI) are light and strong, making them a great choice for these types of large, heavy duty vehicles.

New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates on diesel emissions have also created additional challenges for owners of heavy truck and construction vehicles. “These new mandates have forced manufacturers to repackage their systems and add additional components to already heavy, crowded vehicles,” explains, Todd Ellinger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AHI. “Fortunately, modern day exhaust systems are perfect candidates for the hydroforming process.”

The hydroforming process enables the creation of custom shapes, allowing designers to achieve the packaging and flow paths required. Shape changes, such as round and rectangular sections, are best achieved by hydroforming as material must typically be corrosion-resistant 400 series stainless steel.
Besides heavy duty vehicles, hydroformed components are also a superb option for lighter duty automobiles and small trucks. Hydroformed exhaust structures are a lighter and stronger alternative to traditional stamped and welded assemblies. AHI can meet the needs of customers in the automotive industry for hydroformed catalytic converter cones and exhaust components, crash tips, cross members, engine cradles, frame rails, header and exhaust manifolds, instrument panel beams, radiator and roof supports, trailing suspension arms and more.

Unlike other metal forming techniques, hydroforming allows for increased part strength, lower part weight, and greater design flexibility, while also improving overall part quality. Contact us to see how you can reduce your tooling and part costs.

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